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End of Life Care in Lancaster, Morecambe and District

Few of us find it easy to face the end of life – for ourselves or, even more so, for a beloved family member. The truth is, it comes to all of us. If you, or someone you care for, is in the final stages of a terminal illness, Bare Hall Quality Carers are here to help you make the most of each day.
We offer a complete care service for those people who are suffering terminal illness. People who want to stay at home, surrounded by friends, family and familiar things, rather than go into hospital or a hospice. People who want to maintain their dignity, privacy and independence for as long as it is humanly possible.
Get in touch with Bare Hall QC if you, or someone you love, needs practical, professional and friendly help in the terminal stages of an illness. We will work with your medical team and your family to design a care plan that is completely tailored to your needs. We will be flexible, so that as your needs change, so will the level of care. This can include; giving your family members an opportunity for a break.

You may just need a bit of help with household chores or personal care, once a day. Or you may need someone there through the night, to make sure you are comfortable, clean and warm enough. Or simply to hold your hand.
Our people are experienced in offering end of life care. They know when to stay close, and when to back off. We can help with a whole range of household chores, personal care, keeping track of medication, and simply offering a cheerful smile every morning!

Get in touch with us today to discuss your end of life care needs.
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