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Direct Payments and Personal Budgets

If you need domiciliary care, personal care or end of life care it is likely you’ll be offered direct payments from Social Services. The idea is, they assess your care needs and give you enough money to pay for the services, and you get to choose your care agency.

For some people, managing this personal budget is difficult – instead of being a help. Bare Hall Quality Carers can help you mange this.
Bare Hall Quality Carers can act as brokers for your direct payments. We will work with you and your social workers to design an individual care plan, to take care of all your care needs. Social Services will then make your Direct Payments to us, and we will keep a careful record of the care you have had and how much it costs. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

We will make sure you are getting all the care you need, when you need it, and you won’t have to worry about the budgeting or employment of your own carer.
You get Direct Payments so you can pay for the care you need, as agreed with Social Services. It may be an hour a week of personal care, or 24 hour care, depending on your individual circumstances. When you get in touch with us , we will send one of our managers to see you and your social worker. They will talk to you about the help we can offer, and you will get to choose what you want. We will organise the cleaning, errands, and personal care so that you get the help you want, every day or every week and when you want it.

We are available to talk to you all day, every day – we do not have answering machines: our phones are always answered by a person. So
get in touch with us now and start to enjoy your independent living at home, with help and support from our professional carers.
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Authorised Personal Budget Brokerage Service

What Your Direct Payments are for

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